Alpecin Hypo-Sensitive Shampoo (250ml)

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Product Descriptions

Alpecin Scalp Care - effective scalp & hair care for men.

For dry and sensitive scalps
Itching and redness, dryness and the feeling of tightness, many men suffer from very sensitive or irritated scalps which react to environmental influences and certain substances. This can be triggered by external risk factors such as stress, the cold, or dry air that can weaken the natural skin barrier.

The Hypo-Sensitive Shampoo has been specially developed for men who suffer from sensitive scalps. The shampoo contains particularly mild substances that do not additionally weaken the skin barrier but help to support regeneration and build up moisture reserves.

- Mild shampoo for sensitive scalps
- Suitable for dry dandruff
∙ No preservatives
∙ No fragrances

Application Note
· Use daily
· Distribute evenly in wet hair and then rinse out thoroughly


Expiry Date: 4th November 2023