Plantur 39 Hair Moisture Spray (125ml)

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Plantur 39 Hair Moisture Spray


Daily hair shine and vitality

After the age of 40, our hair often looks tired. It appears dull, rough and brittle. Now you can do something against that every day, not just after hair washing. The containing panthenol helps to provide moisture and bind it to the hair structure. When this spray treatment is applied directly to dry or moist hair and blown dry, your hair will regain its shine and look more vitalized and refreshed.
Panthenol helps to nurture the hair structure and increase the scalp's ability to retain moisture.

∙ Provides moisture and binds it to the hair structure
∙ The hair's natural shine is restored, leaving it looking more vital and fresher
- With Panthenol


· Depending on the hair length, spray 10 to 15 portions into dry or moist hair, comb through and dry.
· Do not rinse out!


Expiry Date: 24th September 2023