Plantur 39 Colour Brown: Solution for hair loss and grey roots!


For a deeper shade of brown and more hair strength


Worrying about your hair colour usually starts with a critical glance in the mirror. Some first grey hairs are showing here and there, or light patches are starting to show as your hair grows. There's still a while to go before your next hairdresser's appointment, but something needs to be done.

The Colour Brown Phyto Shampoo and Conditioner help to bridge that gap. The products including color pigments maintain your hair's colour brilliance – for a deeper shade of brown.

In addition, Plantur 39 Colour Brown Shampoo contains highly effective caffeine, which penetrates into the hair with each wash in order to prevent hair loss in women over forty.

The result: Amazingly beautiful hair.


The Plantur 39 Colour Effect

Plantur 39 Colour Brown helps to tide you over between visits to the hairdresser. The cosmetic pigments in the products are deposited on the outside of each hair to intensify its natural colour. The brown becomes more intense every time you wash your hair. The first grey hairs and light roots are concealed. The colour becomes more vibrant with every use.

1st Step: Colour Brown Phyto Caffeine Shampoo

Use daily for 2-5min., rinse well

2nd Step: Colour Brown Conditioner

Apply on the hair roots and tips for 2-5 min., rinse well

Dr. Wolff's Product Recommendation:
Plantur 39 Colour Brown Set


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is Plantur 39 Colour Brown a hair dye?

No, the Plantur 39 Colour products are not hair dyes. The shampoo and conditioner contain powerful pigments that are deposited on the outside of the hair surface when you wash it. The colouring effect disappears if the shampoo is no longer used.


2. How long does the colouring effect of the Plantur 39 Colour Brown last?

The Plantur 39 Colour Brown products contain powerful pigments. These build up on the hair. The colouring effect intensifies every time you wash your hair and is washed out gradually with a conventional shampoo. As such, Plantur 39 Colour Brown products have to be used regularly in order to achieve and maintain the desired colouring effect. Leave the products in for two to five minutes depending on how intense you want the colour to be.

3. Will my scalp, hands or towels be discoloured by the Plantur 39 Colour Brown products?

There is no chance of your scalp, hands or towels being discoloured. The products in the Plantur 39 Colour Brown series contain cosmetic pigments that only build up on the hair: neither your scalp nor your hands are discoloured when you wash your hair. However, the products should be washed out thoroughly to stop the colour from getting on your towels.

4. Are Plantur 39 Colour Brown products also suitable for coloured hair or just for natural hair colours?

Plantur 39 Colour Brown products can intensify both naturally brown and brown-dyed hair. They are not suitable for blonde or light blonde hair.