ALCINA SOS Stick (10ml)

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Alcina SOS Stick 

Dries out spots more quickly
The disinfecting Alcina SOS Stick promises to quickly combat blackheads and impure skin. With the antibacterial properties of salicylic acid and 40% alcohol, the SOS anti-spot stick dries out skin impurities more quickly, soothes the skin and has an antibacterial effect. With its small applicator it can be used specially to treat spots and blackheads. The Alcina SOS Stick is wonderfully compact and fits in any bag. This makes it great for use on-the-go.

SOS Anti-spot Stick

  • Dries out impurities more quickly
  • Antibacterial effect
  • With Salicylic acid

To treat skin impurities dab the Alcina SOS Stick repeatedly on the affected areas during the day


Expiry Date: 3rd April 2023