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Women's Hair Issues



There are many reasons and factors why women face hair issues, such as hair loss or hair fall due to menopausaul reasons, thinning hair and weak hair roots due to insufficient nutrition, post-partum factors, and more. Genetics, nutrition, diet, and lifestyle all play a significant role.


We hope our knowledge blog will help you identify the reasons and causes for your hair issues. Here at Dr. Wolff, we have been helping women with hair loss, hair fall, and weak/thinning hair issues for decades now. Our Plantur 39 products are designed specifically to help support women aged forty and above, especially through menopause. 


Our products are backed up with scientific research conducted in conjunction with established universities and medical institutes across the world. 


All Dr. Wolff products are produced in the Dr. Wolff factory in Bielefeld, Germany, before being shipped around the world to our consumers. Production is strictly held to European Union and ISO regulations and standards.


If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch via our Contact Us page.