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ALCINA Anti-Puffiness Eye Gel

Cooling and anti-swelling eye gel
The anti-swelling Alcina Eye Gel is an oil- and fragrance-free, cooling hydrogel which revitalises tired eyes. With its special active formula of panthenol and plant-based extracts such as eyebright, lime blossom and witch hazel, it moisturises swollen eyes, soothes stressed skin, provides relief and helps to reduce eye bags and rings around the eyes.

Effective Care - Eye Gel

  • Cools and moisturises
  • With anti-swelling effect
  • With eyebright, lime blossom, panthenol


  • Apply a thin layer of Alcina Eye Gel around the eyes in the morning and evening and allow to absorb
  • The refreshing and anti-swelling eye gel can also be used as a mask. Apply a generous layer of the Eye Gel around the eyes, wait 10 minutes and then remove any residue with a cloth