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ALCINA Hyaluron 2.0 Face Cream (50ml)

by Alcina
$39.00 SGD

Can you imagine that your skin can get thirsty?
Not for water; for hyaluronic acid!

When you turn 25, the body's production of hyaluronic acid decreases. This causes the skin to loose moisture, dry out and even dehydrate. If the skin gets thirsty, this results in wrinkles. That is why hyaluronic acid is so important for the skin!

HYALURON 2.0 (advanced formula) replenishes the moisture depots. The skin is given all the hydration it needs, is plumped and looks firmer.


Alcina Hyaluron 2.0 Face Cream

Moisture, not wrinkles!

3-dimensional anti-aging effect

  • replenishes the skin's depots of hyaluronic acid
  • firms skin 
  • improves skin structure

Apply to the face, neck and neckline. Use Hyaluron 2.0 Face Gel and Eye Gel prior the cream.


Expiry Date: 7th May 2023