ALCINA Soft Peeling (25g)

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Perfect for sensitive skin and for couperose

This unique Soft Peeling product developed by Alcina gently peels the skin without using abrasive particles. The facial peeling works as a highly effective enzyme-based foam.
The peeling product tangibly improves facial skin, which means that Alcina Soft Peeling is also the ideal skin-care product for couperose and skin impurities

Soft Peeling without abrasive particles

  • Forms a foam when mixed with water
  • Highly effective but gentle to sensitive skin
  • Immediately and tangibly improves the skin
  • For smooth skin and reduced pores
  • With enzymes


  • Before using the Alcina Soft Peeling, moisten your hands, take a hazelnut-sized amount of the powder and lather up using water
  • Apply the luxurious foam to your face, avoiding the eye area, and continue to lather up for 2 to 3 minutes using circular motions
  • Then wash off thoroughly with water
  • Can be used every 2-3 days


Expiry Date: 9th September 2023