Dr. Wolff's Vagisan Intimate Care Set [Black Friday Special]

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This mild wash lotion cleanses the intimate area effectively yet gently, while the lactic acid ensures a skin-friendly pH of around 5. When this wash lotion is applied, the skin’s natural acid mantle and a strong protective environment are both maintained and supported. The added chamomile extract helps to soothe the skin.

Dr. Wolff's Vagisan Intimate Wash Lotion
  • Skin friendly pH of about 5 – for all age groups
  • With mild cleansers, lactic acid and chamomile extract
  • Helps to prevent irritation in the external intimate area
  • Very well tolerated, can be used daily
  • Safe to use even during pregnancy
  • Suitable to use during treatment of vaginal infections
  • Suitable for women in all ages


  • For daily use
  • Only for use on the external intimate area (skin)
  • Apply and then rinse off
  • Can be used during period, pregnancy and vaginal infections

Women prone to skin irritation in the intimate area are recommended to use a protective and soothing ointment in the external intimate area on a regular basis. This can protect the skin from excess moisture and friction.

Dr. Wolff's Vagisan Protective Ointment

  • Protects the skin in the external intimate area from excess moisture and skin-on-skin rubbing
  • Prevents soreness and discomfort
  • Forms a water-repellent protective film that still allows the skin to “breathe”
  • Soothes and cares for irritated skin
  • Silicone-free and without mineral fats (e.g. paraffin)

Suitable for women in all ages, with intimate skin irritation e.g.caused by

  • sweat, urine and traces of faeces
  • panty liners or menstrual blood
  • friction from skin-on-skin rubbing
  • sporting activities
  • tight underwear or clothing


  • For daily use
  • Only for use on the external intimate area (skin)
  • Can be applied 1–2 times a day, more frequently if required