Linola Shampoo Forte (200ml)

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Product Descriptions

Shampoo for itchy, irritated, and dry scalps

Linola with its essential linoleic acids is specially developed to help with dry skin problems. Linoleic acid helps to seal a damaged lipid structure of the skin barrier. The skin’s natural regeneration process is supported and protected against loss of moisture.

- Cleanses gently the scalp and hair
- Helps to relieve itching due to dry scalp and soothe the skin (e.g. through the use of menthol and an extract of Sichuan pepper plant amongst others)
- Vegetable oils (e.g. canola oil, wheat germ oil) rich in linoleic acid help to support the skin’s protective barrier
- Skin-friendly pH of 5.5
- Contains no silicones, mineral oils and parabens
- Dermatologically tested

Application Note

Can be used daily
Apply on the scalp and then rinse off thoroughly