ALCINA Nutri Shine Oil Elixir (50ml)

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Nourishing hair oil for beautiful, shiny hair!

The use of hair oils has found a permanent place in every woman's beauty program! Nourishing nutri-oils are a real treat, especially for damaged, dry or coloured hair. ALCINA has developed a hair oil that meets the high demands of an all-round hair care.
Whether as a daily care for better combing or help with dry hair – The Nutri Shine Oil Elixir hair oil provides rich care and pampers your hair with shine and softness! Grape seed and argan oil enhance hair without weighing it down. Thanks to the non-fatty intensive formula, the hair is gently wrapped and the hair structure is noticeably smoothed. The hair is perfectly prepared for any style and has a wonderful oriental aroma!

Nutri Shine Oil Elixir

  • Gives hair intensive suppleness and luxurious shine
  • Nourishing nutri-oils enhance hair
  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • With wonderful oriental aroma


  • Dispense 1-3 pump strokes of hair oil in your palms, depending upon the length of your hair. Then work it evenly into both the lengths and ends of the hair
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Intensive care: Massage the hair oil into your dry hair for 10 minutes before shampooing. This luxurious oil coats the hair and smooths the cuticle
  • Care ritual: For regular care, place the oil elixir in your freshly washed, still damp hair and massage it gently. Your hair will thank you with stunning smoothness and exquisite volume!
  • Styling Help: Prepare your hair for styling by applying the oil when your hair is damp; this will ensure easy manageability
  • Glossy finish: After blow-drying, distribute the Nutri Shine Oil Elixir between your palms and then glide them lightly over your dry hair. This way, you can quickly and easily conjure up impressive light reflections and an anti-frizz effect while also taming flyaway hair
  • Deep care for overnight: Before going to sleep, apply the oil along the length and ends of your hair and leave the oil in overnight


Expiry Date: 23rd May 2024