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Brush back enamel now!

Our tooth enamel is stressed daily by sugar and acid attacks. When it is worn down, it does not regenerate naturally. As a consequence, our teeth become sensitive, rough and porose and the risk of cavities increases. With Bioniq® products, tooth enamel can be "brushed back".

Our products contain biomimetic enamel, modelled after the mineral Hydroxyapatite that naturally makes up approx. 97% of our human enamel. Based on the principles of biomimetics, Hydroxyapatite repairs microscopic defects and thus, prevents teeth from daily wear.

Bioniq® Repair-Toothpaste (75ml)

  • Contains 20% hydroxyapatite
  • Remineralises and repairs enamel surface
  • Forms a protective layer against acids and bacteria
  • Reduces sensitivity of teeth
  • Smoothens the teeth

Bioniq® Repair-Toothpaste PLUS (75ml)

  • Contains 20% hydroxyapatite
  • Reduces gum bleeding
  • Reduces sensitivity of teeth
  • Combats harmful bacteria which can cause gum irritations
  • Protects gums from drying out


Bioniq® Repair Tooth-Milk (400ml)

With artificial enamel PLUS gum protection

  • Repairs the enamel surface via a biomimetic mode of action
  • Teeth immediately feels smoother
  • White enamel prevents discolouration
  • Reduces bacteria on teeth
  • Protects against bad breath and gum problems


Suitable for children, too!

Hydroxyapatite toothpaste developed for children of all ages (0+ years), that helps to gently clean the teeth, and helps prevent plaque buildup with regular brushing.

With BioHAP - our specially formulated Hydroxyapatite - the mineral that makes up 97% of our tooth enamel!


Kinder Karex Toothpaste (50ml)

  • Gently cleans the teeth and helps prevent plaque buildup with regular brushing
  • With BioHAP - our specially formulated Hydroxyapatite - the mineral that makes up 97% of our tooth enamel
  • Suitable for children who are not yet able to spit out toothpaste properly. Hydroxyapatite is safe if swallowed.
  • Contains no fluoride, no parabens and no sodium lauryl sulphate
  • For all ages (0+) years
  • Mild aroma that makes it popular with children


Junior Karex Toothpaste (65ml)

Caries prevention with BioHAP – for the special needs during the mixed dentition phase

  • BioHAP and other calcium sources effectively protect primary and permanent teeth against caries
  • Caries prevention also for children wearing braces
  • Strengthens tooth enamel against acid attacks
  • Allantoin soothes and protects irritated gums
  • Contains no fluoride, no parabens and no sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Recommended age: From 6 years on


KINDER KAREX Tooth Protection Gel (50ml)

The additional protection in caries prophylaxis

  • Remineralization with calcium and BioHAP
  • Supports caries prophylaxis
  • Reduces pain from sensitive teeth, like so-called chalky teeth
  • Recommended for those wearing braces
  • Fluoride-free, sugar-free
  • Mild flavour
  • Can be used every day starting with the arrival of baby teeth

Did you know there are over 230+ studies on Hydroxyapatite?

As early as the 1980s, there have been numerous scientists and researchers investigating the positive effects of hydroxyapatite on the human body, teeth, and gums.

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