ALCINA It's Never Too Late! Face Serum (30ml)

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Intensive face serum for a younger-looking appearance

The anti-wrinkle serum with Matrixyl penetrates deep into the layers of skin, where it helps to activate the skin's own repair processes. The skin becomes more elastic and firm, and wrinkles are reduced. When used in combination with the facial cream, the anti-wrinkle effect is increased and your skin is given added richness. If you have combination or slightly oily skin, you can also apply the serum on its own.

- Turns back the signs of skin ageing
- Matrixyl has been proven to help to reduce wrinkle depth
- Skin becomes more elastic and firm
- The combination with It’s never too late Facial Cream helps to improve the anti-wrinkle result on your skin


- Apply daily on the face

- Can be used alone (without an additional cream) in case of combination or oily skin


Expiry Date: 31st May 2024