Alpecin Power Grey Shampoo (200ml)

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Product Descriptions

For a fresh shade of grey & against hair loss in men (no coloration)

The Alpecin PowerGrey Shampoo contains intensive purple pigments that neutralise the yellow hue with each hair wash. The result: A great-looking shade of grey. Medium-grey hair looks even darker and fuller. In addition, the PowerGrey Shampoo from Alpecin contains a powerful caffeine complex. When you wash your hair each day for 2 minutes, it helps to activate weak hair, strengthen hair growth and prevent hair loss – simply during your daily hair wash.

∙ Removes the yellow hue from grey hair
∙ For a great-looking shade of grey
∙ Medium-grey hair even looks darker and fuller
∙ Caffeine helps to prevent hair loss

Application Note
· Suitable only for grey and white hair
· Use daily
· Use with every fourth hair wash only on white hair
- Apply Alpecin Caffeine Liquid (Scalp Tonic) each time after washing your hair to strengthen your hair additionally


Expiry Date: 4th November 2023