Dry skin: Causes and Solutions
The skin is one of our biggest organs and visible to everyone. Therefore, it should be well taken care.
"Dry skin" – or medically known as "xeroderma" – is one of the most common skin problems. It is frequently accompanied by a feeling of tightness and is also inelastic and tends to result in painful cracks. In addition, there is often more or less pronounced itching, which tempts the affected individual to scratch.
However, this can cause further damage to the skin and the scratch marks create ideal entries for germs. [Read more]

Dry skin relief from CoVID-19
With more hand washing, excessive showering with harsh products, usage of sanitisers for hands or disinfectant home cleaning products, the skin might become dry and itchy.
The skin has a natural skin barrier that protects from harmful bacteria and regulates the moisture content. This protective structure, similar to a brick wall, is formed together with the linoleic acid and other lipids (fats). Gaps in the protective skin barrier affect that skin loses moisture and lipids.
The consequence is dry, itchy, and chapped skin. [Read more]

Jogging Without Chafing – Running Tips and Help to Prevent Skin Irritation

Chafing: an unpleasant phenomenon that can significantly affect your enjoyment of exercise. It causes inflamed and sore skin.

Painful chafing makes it almost impossible to continue training as long as the inflammation lasts.

The cause of sore skin in this instance is the often the rubbing of skin against skin, aggravated by heavy sweating and summer heat.

Those most affected by chafing are athletes who cover long distances or who train very intensively or people who struggle with obesity. Read on for treatment and running tips to prevent painful chafing. [Read more]