What Causes Itchy Scalps? Find Out How to Treat it!

Who doesn’t know the feeling of having to scratch their head?

But what if the itchiness never goes away?

Then it is high time to find out the cause of the problem and get help. Find out more here about the causes of itchy, dry scalps and what can help.



What causes itchy scalps?


Itchy scalps can have different origins. Itchiness doesn’t just occur due to an oily scalp; dry scalps in particular also cause this.


Itchiness with a dry scalp:


Frequent hair washing, aggressive shampoos, heating air… all of these factors can have a negative effect on the condition of our scalps.

This is because they can cause damage to the skin’s natural barrier. Small cracks form on the scalp, causing moisture to keep escaping. The scalp then dries out more and more, and starts to itch.


Itchiness with an oily scalp:


An oily scalp means that far too much sebum is being produced – the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms.

These metabolise the sebum, releasing metabolites, which in turn can trigger itchiness.

This results in an increasing number of plaque-like flakes. A vicious cycle is set in motion.

Constant scratching is not the solution as this causes additional damage to the skin’s barrier and only makes the itchiness worse.


Treating an itchy scalp


What is important with itchiness is to use special care products that restore the scalp’s balance.


The right care for a dry, itchy scalp:


Dry and itchy scalps need the right care.

This should restore the balance of the skin’s damaged barrier. This is why it is important to use products that provide the scalp with moisture. In this way, the skin’s barrier can regenerate itself.

Particularly mild and gentle products offer a further positive effect for the condition of the scalp.

These prevent, for example, highly aggressive cleansers from damaging the scalp. If possible, people with itchy scalps should not wash their hair too frequently in order to avoid damaging the scalp’s moisture balance even more.

Accordingly, it is also recommended to use care products for itchy scalps that are specifically designed to meet the needs of itchy or dry scalps.


The right care for an oily, itchy scalp


Hair that gets greasy quickly is often a cosmetic problem for those affected as this has a visible impact on the condition of the hair.

Shampoos that are specifically suited for washing oily hair should be used.

They remove excess oil from the scalp and hair looks nourished once again with regular use.

In addition to shampoos for oily hair, a tonic can also help to restore the scalp’s natural balance.

Another tip: Blow-dry the hair on a cooler setting as heat can also irritate the scalp.


The right care for dry scalp


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It provides moisture and relax the scalp.

The mild formula of the Hybrid Caffeine Shampoo from Alpecin makes it particularly suitable for dry, itchy scalps. The caffeine additionally stimulates hair activity.

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