Plantur 39 Hyaluron Conditioner (150ml)

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22nd Plantur 39 Hyaluron Conditioner
For added shine and smoothness

If you have a dry and itchy scalp, you need the right hair care routine. Plantur 39 Hyaluron Conditioner is the ideal addition to the Plantur 39 Hyaluron Shampoo. This is because the mild formula with premium hyaluronic acid is very gentle on the hair. It gives hair a fresh shine and smoothness. The hair becomes easier to comb and brilliance is enhanced.

- Mild formula with premium hyaluronic acid
- Gives hair a silky soft feeling and stunning shine
- Makes hair easier to comb
- Caffeine buffer protects the Phyto-caffeine complex from being rinsed out


- Depending on the length of your hair, distribute 1–2 hazelnut-sized amounts throughout wet hair and scalp after washing. Rinse out thoroughly
- Use the Plantur 39 Hyaluron Shampoo for the hair wash to to strengthen your scalp and hair additionally


Expiry Date: 22nd March 2025