Linola Protective Balm (50ml)

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Product Descriptions

Balm prevents skin irritations and chafing in adults

Helps to protect adults’ skin from
- skin chafing in skin folds e.g. due to obesity or due to sport
- irritation caused by irritative bodily fluids, e.g. sweat, urine or faeces
- irritation caused by adult diapers or panty liners e.g. due to bladder weakness or menstruation

- Forms a long lasting and water-repellent film
- Helps to prevent skin irritations
- Smooth balm, easy to apply and remove
- Contains no mineral oils and silicones
- Dermatologically tested

Application Note

For daily use in the external intimate area or in skin folds in adults
For Babies and Children it's recommended to use Little Lino Nappy Cream