Alpecin Scalp Care Shampoo Oily Scalp (200ml)

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Product Descriptions

Alpecin Scalp Care - effective scalp & hair care for men.

For oily scalp
Oily hair is a result of the natural flow of sebum being disturbed. With the Alpecin Medicinal Shampoo Concentrate For Oily Scalp a little goes a very long way; its ingredients, extract from St. John's wort and salicylic (willow active ingredient), restore the scalp's balance and the natural flow of sebum whilst glycerin increases moisture levels. This combination of ingredients strengthens the skin's defenses to restore the natural scalp function and improve protection against environmental affects influences.

- Oil control for scalp and hair
- Restores the scalp's balance
- Helps to strengthen the skin‘s natural defenses

Application Note
· Use daily
· Distribute evenly in wet hair and then rinse out thoroughly
- Use Alpecin Scalp Care FRESH Tonic each time after washing your hair to strengthen your scalp and hair additionally


Expiry Date: 11th April 2025