Founded in 1905, Dr. Wolff is one of the largest medium-sized family-owned businesses in the German cosmetics market. The global headquarters is based in Bielefeld, Germany.

Dr Wolff Singapore Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of the Dr Wolff Group, and is based in Singapore, overseeing the South-East Asia countries. The Dr Wolff Group consists of the owner-managed companies Dr Kurt Wolff, Dr August Wolff and their international subsidiaries.

Dr. Wolff Singapore Pte. Ltd. is the regional Headquarters for the Asian and South East Asian region covering amongst others Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong and more.

Distinguished by the development and creative marketing of real innovations for more than 100 years, the company concentrates on products which embody verifiable advantages for consumers. Our success brands include Alpecin, Plantur 21, Plantur 39, Alcina, Linola, Vagisan, and more.

As a medium-sized company, we are surrounded by large multinational corporations. In a sense, we are the Gauls from East Westphalia.
And we are different - really different.
We dare to tackle issues that no one else dares to tackle, and we take paths that no one else treads:
Founded more than 100 years ago as a small factory for the production of pharmaceuticals, we are now one of the largest medium-sized family businesses in the German pharmaceutical and cosmetics market. [Read more]

Who would have thought that seven strong brands are compiled under the roof of Dr. Wolff Group?
You may know some of them from hearsay only, others from your own experience, and those you don't yet know, we will be happy to introduce you to them.
The focus of our brands is always a problem for which Dr. Wolff offers a solution: whether it is vaginal dryness, caries, neurodermatitis or hair loss.
Courageous, attention-grabbing communication is a tradition for all brands of Dr. Wolff Group. [Read more]

Dr. Wolff - since 1905 the name has stood for research that solves the skin, hair and dental problems of the population with innovative active ingredients.

The focus of our efforts is the scientifically provable benefit of our products.

Since the foundation of the company, Dr. Wolff has maintained a close cooperation with renowned scientists.

Dr. Wolff is regarded as a specialist in galenic development, research into active ingredients, their dosage and dosage forms. Whether skin, hair or enamel - new active ingredients help the body to solve various problems. [Read more]

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